TCM in Zurich


TCM in Zurich.

Chinese herbs have been used for 1000’s of years in the treatment of diseases, and health-related conditions. TCM sees the combination of herbal medicine formulas as an art. Over many generations and through a growing body of research, TCM’s knowledge has refined.

Unlike allopathic medicines, which mainly target the symptoms of illness, TCM offers a more holistic path of treatment.

As a TCM Practitioner, I use personalised herbal formulas, which help my clients to restore their balance without suffering adverse side effects. This is also the case in my treatment of the more severe diseases and conditions.

I have found my personalised TCM herbal formulas to be very useful in the following areas…

  • Skin conditions –  including psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus, rosacea, herpes and viral warts
  • Woman health issues – including menopause
  • Sleep problem – including insomnia
  • Digestion – including IBS
  • Chronic Pain
  • Addictions – including Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs
  • Emotional Issues – including Stress, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks
  • Burn Out – including Chronic Fatigue, and Work-Related Stress

The above list is for guidance only and does not cover all of the conditions I treat. If you are seeking help for a health problem, a personalised TCM herbal formula could be what you are looking for. Please contact me to find out more.