Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach in Zurich


Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach in Zurich

Good nutrition and lifestyle habits are key to finding a good sustainable level of wellbeing in daily life. Our food is especially important, and it can be a medicine or a poison, depending on the choices we make. A balanced food plan with plenty of freshly prepared food will nurture health in the body.

If you are conscious of your own growth and personal development, at some on your journey, you are going to need to examine your relationship with food. What you eat, according to your individual constitution, is very important. What may be an excellent healthy choice for a specific body type may not be suitable for others. Professional guidance is often needed to be sure of the right decisions.




Good lifestyle habits are also essential if imbalances are to be addressed. Imbalance shows up in the form of stress and anxiety. It also shows up as general fatigue or lack of enthusiasm for life. Perhaps there’s a difficulty in switching off or having a good sleep at night. Some of these issues are the result of poorly informed eating habits, and excess toxins stored in the body. Some are the result of habitual self-neglect and poor lifestyle choices.





I work together with Hugh Osborne, an experienced coach, to offer clients a higher level of service in this vital area of health and wellbeing. My area of expertise is in the field of diagnosis and getting to the root of the problem. From here, I can recommend a treatment plan to address imbalances in the system. Hugh’s expertise is in clearing the mental blocks that may prevent a client from putting the plan into action. Together we can offer a much more complete service and support to our clients throughout their process of change.

If you would like to know more about how working with Hugh and myself could help you make empowering changes in the areas of nutrition and lifestyle, please contact me.