I offer a range of treatments so you can be sure that you get the service most appropriate for your needs.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

As a TCM Practitioner, I use personalised herbal formulas, which help my clients to restore their balance without suffering adverse side effects.


I use acupuncture to gently correct various ailments caused by blocked Qi flow. Just a few needles inserted into the right acupuncture points can quickly restore balance, especially when this treatment is combined with other TCM practices.


Tui Na Massage

I use Tue Na to help my clients let go of physically held blockages, that would otherwise create Qi and blood stagnation.

Moxa & Cupping

The gentle warmth of Moxibustion helps release blood stagnation and blockages within the meridians, thus increasing the vitality that helps us to thrive in daily life.

Cupping helps Qi flow and blood circulation stay in balance, which is essential for maintaining good health.


Good nutrition and lifestyle habits are key to finding a good sustainable level of wellbeing in daily life. Our food is especially important, and it can be a medicine or a poison, depending on the choices we make.

I work together with my friend and colleague Gertrud Fassbind, an experienced nutritionist, to offer clients a high level of service in this important area of health and wellbeing.