Frequently Asked Questions

Are your herbal formulas safe?
Herbal formulas are only harmful when they are poor quality, or taken in too higher dosage. All of the ingredients in my herbal formulas are controlled by Swissmedic, and manufactured according to GMP standards.
Do your herbal formulas contain endangered animal species?
All of my herbal formulas strictly adhere to CITES provisions.
Can I take your herbal formulas if I have an allergy?
As long as I am informed of any allergies, I can prescribe formulas that are safe and non contra-indicative.
Can herbal formulas be taken with other prescribed medicines?
My herbal formulas can be safely taken with other prescribed medicines, provided that a gap of 2 hours is left between dosages.
Is Acupuncture safe?

I am professionally trained 6 years to work with acupuncture points and needles. It is important to know what size of the needle are used in different part of the body, as well as the right angle and the depts of insertion of the needles should be appropriate.

Also, I use only single-use disposable needles in my practice.

Is Acupuncture painful?
Some points are more sensitive than others. I will always do everything I can to work as gently as possible whilst providing an effective treatment.
Are there any side effects?
Negative side effects are not common with acupuncture. Positive side effects include deep relaxation and calm.
Do you guarantee successful treatments?
The work I do with my clients is very much a co-active process. My guarantee is that I will do my very best to help you get the outcome we agree to. If you also do your best, then positive change is the most likely outcome.
How many sessions will I need?
This depends upon the outcome we are working towards. Generally, my clients work with me for 6-8 sessions, usually 1 session per week. In some cases, clients have more sessions and work with me over a longer period.
Are you EMR registered?

I am EMR Approved as a TCM Practitioner. Please check your insurer for coverage.

My register ZSR Nr. J251263

What are your fees?

My fees are CHF 140 for 60 minutes and CHF 190.- for 90 minutes.

If your question isn’t answered here, please contact me. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have before booking.